Toledo Elite Basketball Club

Toledo Elite Club Information/Fee Schedule

General Club Information:

A detailed description of the Club Program, Guidelines and expectations can be found by clicking on the following document:

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Once a player is invited  by the Toledo Elite Director to join a team, registration should be made online via the 2014 Registration link on the left.

If you have further questions regarding Toledo Elite, please contact Duffy Burns at

Payments should be made via Paypal in accordance with your agreed payment plan.  We will email invoices to  you for your 2014 Fees and you will be able to pay directly from your invoice through Paypal or you may also go to the 2014 Registration page and access our Paypal Button there to make your fee payments.

2014 Fees Information

1)Tuition:  National Teams (8th thru 12th grade – 10 tournaments) – Individual Player - $1,075. 

                  Regional Teams (7th grade and younger – 6-7 tournaments) – Individual Player - $625.

                  Boys teams (5th thru 10th grade – 6-7 tournaments) – Individual Player - $625.

Discounted Sibling Rates – 2 per family = 20% discount off total tuition, 3 or more per family = 25% off total tuition.

2) Uniforms:  National Teams – will be getting new Nike team uniforms – Fee = $75.

                      Regional Teams – will use last year’s uniforms.  If new uniform needed – Fee = $60.

                      Boys Teams – will use last year’s uniforms.  If new uniform needed – Fee = $60.

Fee Payment Schedule – November 1, 2013              25% total fee plus uniform fee

                                         December 1, 2013              25%  total fee

                                         January 1, 2014                  25% total fee

                                         February 1, 2014                25% total fee

*all fees must be 100% paid in full in order to receive uniforms or participate in any tournaments. This will be strictly enforced.

Note: Players who are new to the club and are invited to join the club after January 1st, 2014 will have a payment schedule as follows:

50% of fees plus uniform fee due with registration

25% in the month following registration

25% in the 2nd month following registration

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